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Time to relax.

After you return from your spectacular outdoor tours, your muscles might make themselves known. If they do or they don´t, why not enjoy a relaxing massage. You can give in to such temptations because massage treatments at Störes in Alta Badia work wonders … of course you can also let yourself be pampered as part of our holistic beauty treatments and soothing facial and body treatments the choice is yours.

Massages & treatments | Hotel Störes
Treatments & massages from the Val Badia

Your well-being is our passion and the key to health and physical recovery. Only high-quality products from Charme D’Orient, Maria Galland and Vitalis Dr. Joseph are used during our beauty treatments.

Treatments are booked directly at our beauty reception*. Please note that cancellations without at least twelve hours’ notice will be charged in full.

*Opening hours: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Pure relaxation after a massage at Hotel Störes
Pregnancy, menopause & more …

There are times in life when we want to take extra care of our bodies and our well-being. That is why you will find special treatments at our hotel in San Cassiano that can be adapted to your personal needs. Our beauty team will be happy to help you.


Facial treatments

Charme d’Orient | Maria Galland

Natural charm | 85 Euro
Gentle and delicate facial cleansing, but at the same time deep and effective to regain brightness and compactness. Regenerates and reoxygenates tired and devitalised skin.

Deluxe Charme | 89 Euro
Specific, complete and nourishing treatment, moisturising and elasticising. It relaxes the tissues and reduces skin imperfections.

Detox | 79 Euro
Treatment for impure facial skin: thanks to a more intense cleansing with ultrasound and a final clay mask, the skin becomes brighter and full of vitality.

Thalasso | 95 Euro
Care from the sea with purifying seaweed mask. Micro algae stimulate the metabolism and deeply nourish the skin.

Active age – menopause | 99 Euro
Aims to rebalance the hormonal changes in the skin of women entering menopause to ensure 100% deep hydration.

Nutrivital lifting | 109-149 Euro
Iconic ritual with effective products and extraordinary lifting and modelling techniques: the self-heating mask and the use of ultrasound leave the skin firm and smooth. Excellent anti-ageing treatment.

Derma Balance | 109-139 Euro
Specific treatment for sensitive skin with couperose. The effectiveness of various active ingredients ensures an improvement in skin imperfections.

Lifting facial massage | 35-47 Euro
Firming, manual techniques stimulate facial muscles, naturally increasing collagen and elastin production. This treatment is also considered a relaxing massage for the mind.

Hand and foot care

Healing manicure / Kurativa | 47-55 Euro

Healing pedicure / Kurativa | 69-79 Euro

Removing or application of simple enamel | 15 Euro

Moisturising hand/foot wrap | 18 Euro


Upper lip | 7 Euro

Armpits | 15 Euro

Groin | 15-25 Euro

Half leg / full | 32-42 Euro

Arms / chest / back | 20-27 Euro

Complete hair removal | 75 Euro

Eyebrow correction and colouring | 17-29 Euro

Excellent treatments

Body wraps in the Charme d’Orient soft pack | 25 min | 55 Euro
The soft pack is a soft hot water bed that stimulates the substances applied to the body, making the treatment relaxing and enveloping. A real psychophysical relaxation.

Gommage with alum stone | 25 min | 55 Euro
Scrub for all skin types and specific for cellular upheaval with the scent of amber or green tea.

Moisturising compress with shea butter | 25 min | 55 Euro
Total relaxation with natural deep hydration for all skin types.

Detox | 25 min | 55 Euro
Detoxifying compress with Dead Sea mud.

Anti-cellulite pack | 25 min | 55 Euro
Suitable for those suffering from water retention and fluid stagnation. This wrap improves micro-circulation.

We recommend combining each body treatment with a partial or total massage to enhance the effects of the products used.
89-125 Euro

The power of mountain herbs

Hay Therapy Dr. Vitalis
Hay therapy has been used by South Tyrolean farmers since the 19th century to help them sleep better after a day of hard work. The secret of this care lies in various mountain plants. Thanks to the moist heat released by wet hay, the active ingredients contained in the herbs are effectively absorbed by the body. This treatment is especially recommended for those suffering from digestive problems, water retention and psychophysical fatigue: it has a draining and purifying effect.

Body scrub with hay flower and apricot | 45 Euro
Gentle peeling in preparation for further treatment

Therapeutic hay bath | 75 Euro

Body scrub and hay bath | 85 Euro

Clay wrap | 49 Euro
Has an anti-inflammatory effect to relieve joint pain and counteract water retention.

Arnica body wrap | 49 Euro
For those who have muscle problems or tension as a result of incorrect posture.

Body peeling, hay bath and partial massage | 139 Euro
Treatment recommended by our therapists to increase your well-being.

The art of western massages

Holistically aromatic | 46-75 Euro
With a soft and delicate touch, suitable for those suffering from anxiety or for all those who cannot receive more intense and deep massages.

Decontraction | 49-79 Euro
Helps relax muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Drainage / lymphatic drainage | 51-83 Euro
Improves toning of the lower limbs and treats the fatty layers of the skin that cause cellulite and fluid retention.

Myofascial | 52-85 Euro
Full body massage; It acts on muscle groups, releasing adhesions and contractures.

Sport | 53-85 Euro
Promotes the recovery process.

We recommend a package of massages that can be shared (family, friends …)
390 Euro

Pachage of 5 treatments to choose from massages or face treatments –
430 Euro

The art of oriental massages

Lomi Lomi Nui | 55 min | 105 Euro
Not only serves to relax, but also cleanses the mental and spiritual body. With lots of hot oil, this treatment is a real journey of psychophysical relaxation from head to toe.

Heaven and Earth | 55 min | 105 Euro
Massage that takes care of our extremities: head and feet. The heaven (the head) and the earth (the feet) must be in balance to feel good and give a sense of lightness and breath to the whole body.

Hot stone massage | 55 min | 105 Euro
Improves the mental and physical core thanks to the heat of the stones and relaxes the muscles.

Foot massages

Our first contact with the earth begins with our feet. They are the roots of our growth and our movement along our life’s journey. Taking care of our feet means taking care of ourselves, our bodies and our health.

Foot ritual | 55 min | 85 Euro
Regenerating aromatic foot bath, complete foot treatment with exfoliation, osmotic clay compress, active/passive gymnastics and reflexology. (Possibility to book an additional pedicure)

Foot reflexology and back | 25 min | 51 Euro | 50 min | 85 Euro
A targeted treatment for specific areas of the feet, which creates relaxation in the connected areas of the body.

The secrets of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic philosophy of Indian origin that deals with the well-being of the human being in its entirety: body, mind and soul. In each individual, the 5 elements (air, earth, fire, water and ether) exist in different combinations, resulting in the different constitutions, the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that determine many of our physical and character traits. Based on these types, there are specific treatments to rebalance them and give holistic health.

Vata | 55 min | 105 Euro
Vata is responsible for the nervous system, breathing and all movements in the body.

Pitta | 55 min | 105 Euro
Pitta is consistency, order and discipline. Among other things, it regulates digestion and body temperature.

Kapha | 55 min | 105 Euro
Kapha gives the body strength and stability and keeps the fluid balance in balance.

Exfoliating salt and sesame oil | 39 Euro
It provides the body with an energy balance by eliminating toxins. Neutralises and prepares the body before receiving the chosen Ayurvedic treatment.

Abhyanga massage | 55 min | 105 Euro
Relaxes the body, cleanses and firms the tissues with the use of essential oils.

Shirodara treatment | 55 min | 105 Euro
Warm oil is poured on the forehead to stimulate the sixth chakra (also called the third eye). Helps reduce mental stress, psychoemotional disorders and insomnia.

Relaxation for two hearts

Private SPA with infrared sauna
Allow yourself to be carried away by your senses, your feelings, the music and our couple treatments. Dedicate a moment to friendship or love in our Private SPA.

You and I | 109 Euro
(couple massage) Relaxing partial massage with essential oils, prosecco and fruit.

La vita è bella | 175 Euro
Two fascial massages with aromatic oils from Charme D’Orient, relaxing background music, moisturising face masks and two glasses of Prosecco.

Sara perché ti amo | 259 Euro
Two full body massages, two amber scented shea butter, face and lip masks, two moisturising hand wraps and a relaxing bath accompanied by two glasses of Prosecco and fresh fruit.

Ritual Charme d‘Orient | 299 Euro
Two oriental full body massages, two foot scrubs with moisturising compress, two facials, two dry hair packs with argan oil, a relaxing bath with oriental fragrances, accompanied by cocktails and desserts from our patisserie.

For your little angels

Chocolate massage | 35 Euro
20 minutes of fragrant and relaxing massage for your baby.

Magical baby moment | 68 Euro
Give your children a unique experience: two massages with a sweet and a small surprise in our Private SPA.

Cuddling with mum/dad | 85 Euro
A precious moment of relaxation with your child.

Manicure and pedicure for our little guests | 35 Euro

We offer morning exercise units such as stretching, Pilates and water aerobics in small groups several times a week. Duration: approx. 30 min.

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