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Hotel Störes in Alta Badia, South Tyrol: host & philosophy

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No doubt about it: running our hotel always presents us with new challenges. And that is exactly what gives us so much pleasure – day after day. Essentially because we do what we love and because we love what we do. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? And because we would like to tell you a bit more about us and our history before we welcome you to South Tyrol in person, we now have a short introduction to the family. After all, you should know who you’re dealing with.

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Gustav – The sportsman par excellence

Gustav is a genuine sportsman and loves to be out in nature. Back from his outdoor excursions, he takes a seat at his favourite indoor spot: the Hotel Störes reception. And as he can´t man the reception from the ski slopes on the Piz Sorega, he is content with the view out of the window while he working – which in itself is not bad either, with such impressive views. Of course, a nature lover like him knows every short cut to the legendary places in the area and is happy to pass on his insider knowledge to our guests. In winter, he will take you along with him on the slopes or accompany you on the most beautiful ski tours in the Dolomites.

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Esther – The all-round super woman

Esther is Gustav’s wife and runs the hotel together with him. If she’s not at the bar or in the restaurant, you might find her in the wine cellar or at reception. She is a real all-rounder and is hard at work all round the hotel. Esther not only proved her herself adept at choosing a partner, but also when decorating our hotel. And she also has quite the signing voice – but you can see that for yourself at the Ladin evening. In her free time, she likes to roam the mountains and hiking trails in Alta Badia with Gustav.

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Andy & Sofia
Andy & Sofia – Our bundle of energy

As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Still in their infancy, but already busy – hard-working and fully occupied … the kids Andy and Sofia take after their parents and love their sports. Occasionally, however, the two still find time for a short visit to the hotel.

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Erika – The plant whisperer

Yes, it would be an understatement to speak of “green fingers” – our Erika was probably blessed with two “green hands”. As Gustav’s mother and senior manager of the house, she is responsible for the sumptuous flowers in and around our hotel and she masters this task with flying colours. In summer she can often be found in our vegetable and herb garden, which she tends with a lot of love. She is also at times out in the woods of San Cassiano to collect berries, which she then processes into the best jams and juices. Oh Erika, what would we do without you.

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„We love the contact and interaction with our guests and are very happy when we are allowed to create lasting memories. Make yourselves at home.“

Esther & Gustav Rudiferia

From the history book …

It was in 1968 when Gustav’s grandpa Sepl built a small guesthouse with a bar and restaurant right next to the first chairlift in San Cassiano, and named it after his picturesque “Störes Wiesen”. Only a few years later the chairlift was moved and the lift building became part of the hotel.

Son Engl and his wife Erika took over the Störes in the second generation and ran it with much skill and diligence until it passed to Gustav and his Esther, who currently run the house. After several renovations, the Störes has been shining in new splendour since 2017, and serves as a base camp for those seeking peace and quiet and adventurers in Val Badia.

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The Ladin culture

Many of our guests often wonder about the special language spoken here in Val Badia. And rightly so, because the history of the origins of Ladin is at least as interesting as the language itself.

It goes back to as early as 100 AD as a result of the Roman conquest of the Alpine region and is thus considered the oldest language of the Dolomites. At that time, the Rhaetian and Celtic cultures mixed with Latin and Ladin was born. The most common language in the Alps at the time was spoken throughout the country, until the Bavarians and Lombards invaded the Alps and repressed Ladin. To this day there are only a few remote valleys, including the Val Badia, where this traditional language and culture has been able to survive.

The Ladin Museum “Ciastel de Tor” in San Martino in Thurn gives a comprehensive insight into the history and culture of our valley.

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