Man & woman - dinner at Hotel Störes

Our hotel Störes with breakfast and wine cellar in Val Badia

Good food, good vibes

“It is better to enjoy and regret than to regret not having enjoyed”, Giovanni Boccaccio once said. On the one hand that is true, but on the other hand it also sounds a bit far fetched, because our guests here in San Cassiano have never regretted a bite, except perhaps that the last piece of cake was “a bit too much”. No wonder, because the sight of the many homemade delicacies makes their mouths water from morning to night – and they would love to try a piece of everything …

Bun pró!
Bon appetit!
Varied breakfast buffet at the Hotel Störes
Rise and shine …

Sounds like someone needs a freshly brewed and wonderfully aromatic coffee quickly… Yes, at our hotel with breakfast in Val Badia we can read your minds at the breakfast table from 7:30 am to 10:00 am – after all, that’s how it is our job. You will be good to go in no time and look forward to the many adventures in the mountains around Alta Badia. But before the day can really start, you have to conquer the breakfast buffet – delicious egg dishes, homemade cakes, jams and juices, as well as wonderful fresh bread from the village bakery in San Cassiano and freshly squeezed smoothies await you there. Mmmm, delicious …

Cake buffet at the Hotel Störes
Let them eat cake: from our afternoon buffet

There is something and lots of homemade cakes for everyone on our cake buffet in the afternoon, beware of having a little “snaccident”. After all, it is love at first bite. Which is not hard with such sweet seductions.

From 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, you will find homemade cakes, fresh fruit, vegetables, cold cuts and even a warm soup on our brunch buffet in winter.

Close-up - culinary delights at the Hotel Störes Close-up of strawberry cake | Hotel Störes Set table with cake | Hotel Störes
„Cake doesn’t solve problems, but neither do apples.“

One highlight after the next: our dinner

Carving, carpentry, weaving – we Ladin people have always been very talented when it comes to craftsmanship, but there is one thing we are particularly good at: cooking. Many are the treasures hidden in the recipe books of the Val Badia and our chef Patrick knows them all. Next to various dishes from the Mediterranean and international cuisine, Ladin dishes also find their place in our five-course menu each day. We invite you to dine with us from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Each Thursday is an extra highlight with delicious Ladin specialities served at the traditional Ladin evening. You can also save your cheat day for the dessert buffet on Friday, or the welcome aperitif followed by a gala menu on Sunday. However, we recommend that you always try something of everything – after all, you are on holiday.

Culinary highlights at the Hotel Störes
Vegetarian and carefree enjoyment

Every day, Erika’s gourmet garden treasures also find their place on our menu in the form of a vegetarian dish, which is always extremely popular.

Of course, we also offer lactose- and gluten-free dishes (in case of gluten intolerances). Please inform us directly about any food intolerances when making your booking.

Vacations for wine lovers | Hotel Störes
Treasures from the wine cellar

Every good day begins with coffee … but now we’ll tell you how they end the best way. A splash of wine plays an important role, because empty wine glasses are filled with stories and experiences of unforgettable holidays, which you can relive over dinner or at the bar.

High-quality wines from South Tyrol have found their place in the wine cellar of our hotel in San Cassiano, but there are also many fine wines of national and international origin.

Order at the bar | Hotel Störes
A drink at the bar

… because when the evening draws to a close, there’s still time for a nightcap at the hotel bar. Or maybe two? Our bartender keeps the holiday mood alive and enchants you with cool cocktails, aromatic liqueurs & Co.

Bar & aperitif | Hotel Störes Culinary delights - dinner | Hotel Störes Dinner at the Hotel Störes
„Let the
fun beGIN“

The magic formula
for cheerful evenings.

Enjoy - cheese platter | Hotel Störes Enjoy - close-up | Hotel Störes Dining at the Hotel Störes Culinary delights at Hotel Störes Culinary delights - close-up | Hotel Störes Cuisine - rice with mushrooms - Hotel Störes Culinary delights - dessert with blueberries | Hotel Störes Culinary delights - dessert | Hotel Störes