Sella Ronda

The Sella Ronda is a merry-go-round for skiers, the only one of its kind, a series of ski-lifts and downhill runs, all linked to one another and set against a background of woods, rocky peaks and expanses of snow that can only be called extraordinary.

Joining the Sella Ronda skiing circuit is easy: just follow the roads that take you to one of the four villages around the Sella mountain (Corvara, Canazei, Arabba, Selva). The length of the circuit, including both, ski-lifts and ski runs, is a little less than 40 km and it is an easy route to ski along. But, because it is high up in the mountains, you need to check the weather forecast in order to avoid running into snowfalls or high winds which can turn what is supposed to be an enjoyable day out into an unpleasant and risky enterprise, with the danger of getting stranded.

Any skier interested in doing the Sella Ronda must be fit, even if the runs themselves are of middling difficulty rather than advanced.

The time spent on ski-lifts is about two hours altogether, without counting the time spent queuing for them or having a break in one of the many refuges dotted along the circuit.
Technical details
  • Total length of the tour: 40 km
  • Ski slopes: 26 km
  • Time spent on the lifts: approx. 2 hours, please note that there can be some waiting time
  • Time spent for the descents: approx. 1.5 hours, depending on skiing ability
  • Skipass: Dolomiti Superski
Some more instructions:
  • we recommend that you start the circuit no later than 10 in the morning
  • although it is a good idea to start even earlier, especially if it is the first time you have tried it.
  • you must get to the last pass by 3.30 pm otherwise you will miss the last ski-lifts which close at 4 – 4.30 pm.
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